Aug 15, 2011

Monday Night Links

El Universo  
NASA Mars Rover Arrives at New Site on Martian Surface
How Big are Solar Flares (video)
Space travel: Finding the technology to travel to the stars
Donations revive SETI quest
Building Blocks of DNA found in meteorites from Space

China praises UK Internet Censorship Insinuation
War Map of Lybia

The 30 Harshest Musician-on-Musician Insults in History

When you’re strange: A film about “The Doors”
Mike Myers signed for “Austin Powers 4”

Sony sets release date for "Smurfs 2"
Planet of the Apes: A retrospective
6 Great Horror Films ruined by sequels


Highlights from the Alexander McQueen Retrospective at the MET

El Planeta

EcoAlert: Will the planet mimic the fate of Easter Island
North Sea oil leak biggest in decade

New Drug Could cure nearly any viral infection
Isaac Asimov on Intelligence
The Source for drug info (Sitio del Gobierno Ingles)

Google CEO Larry Page explains reasoning behind Motorola acquisition
Larry Page just made Apple and Microsoft look like fools
The virtues of online anonymity

The Evolution and history of the Apple Logo

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